Past Bargaining News

Collective Bargaining

Under the California Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act, the CSU must “meet and confer” (a/k/a “bargain” or “negotiate”), and endeavor to reach agreement, with APC about all “matters within the scope of representation,” i.e., your “terms and conditions of employment.” This includes the duty to bargain about a successor to our system-wide Collective Bargaining Agreement (a/k/a/ “Memorandum of Understanding” or “Contract”). It further includes the duty to bargain about system-wide or campus-specific policies that involve your terms and conditions of employment. For materials explaining the CSU’s duty to meet and confer with APC, please visit the collective bargaining section in our Educational Library. This page provides news about ongoing and past contract and policy bargaining.

Contract Bargaining

APC and CSU are about to begin to bargain over a successor to their 2016-17 collective bargaining agreement.  The parties have exchanged their so-called "Sunshine Proposals" and are currently scheduling the first bargaining session.

Policy Bargaining

Even though many system-wide or campus-specific policies are themselves "non-negotiable," their impact on your terms and conditions of employment is "negotiable." For example, the decision to make a campus "smoke free" is "non-negotiable." Therefore, the CSU does not have to meet and confer with APC about that decision itself. Nevertheless, the impact on your terms and conditions of employment of the decision to make a campus "smoke free" is "negotiable." Therefore, the CSU, therefore must meet and confer about with APC that impact, such as the ability of Unit 4 employees to use their rest- and meal-periods to smoke. (Needless to say, in these negotiations, APC would also protect the interests of the non-smoking Unit 4 employees it represents.) 

If you become aware of a new policy that you believe has an impact on your terms and conditions of employment, please notify APC.


CSU Proposes Paltry General Salary Increases for Unit 4

A Message from the APC Bargaining Team


Dear Unit 4 Colleagues,

The APC and CSU Bargaining teams met on Monday, July 10 at which time the CSU Team presented the long awaited Article 23- Salary and Article 32 - Parking proposals... read more...

Bargaining Update

Progress Is Slow, But APC Team Is United Against Moving Backwards




CSU Counters With Its Own Sunshine Proposals

Parties Are Scheduling First Bargaining Session


After APC previously presented its APC Sunshine Proposals for full successor contract bargaining, CSU has now countered... read more...

APC Presents "Sunshine Proposals" for Full Contract Bargaining

Classification Issues, General Salary Increases, and Vacation Accrual Are Among Items on the Table


On February 19, 2017, APC Labor Relations Manager Lee Norris presented the CSU with APC’s “sunshine proposals,” the initial... read more...