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CSU Breaks Promise to Address APC Concerns Over Blanket "Mandatory Reporter" Designation

APC Re-Activates Unfair Practice Charge Against CSU


Effective January 1, 2013, the California Penal code was amended to add those CSU employees “whose duties bring [them] into contact with children on a regular basis” to the definition of... read more...

Arbitrator Sides with APC in Grievance over Early Termination of Temporary Appointments

Orders CSU to Make Employee Permanent; Cease and Desist from Violating CBA in Future


Section 13.7(B) of the APC-CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provides:

“Full-time incumbent temporary employees with four (4) or more years of consecutive full-time temporary service... read more...

APC President to Board of Trustees: 1.34% Salary Increase "Little More than Down Payment on More Substantial Future Increases"


As you know by now, salary and benefits reopener negotiations between APC and CSU have resulted in a 1.34% salary increase for all Unit 4 employees and no changes to benefits. read more...

Will On-Line Education Be a Boon or a Bust for Unit 4 Employees?


It is difficult to ignore the fanfare with which CSU is touting its online education initiatives. But quality of education issues aside, will it be a boon or a bust for Unit 4 employees? CSU claims that Cal... read more...