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Support CFA In Its Struggle for a Fair Salary!

Unit 4 Members Stand with Their Brothers and Sisters in the Faculty Unit


As you probably know, CFA and CSU are at impasse over salaries for 2015-16.  

CFA is demanding a modest 5% General Salary Increase (GSI) that would just begin to... read more...

CSU Rejects APC-Proposed Modest Salary Increases and Other Improvements for Unit 4 Employees

Bargaining Teams Meet Again in Long Beach But Make Little Headway


As we reported on July 10, 2015, APC has proposed the following improvements, among others, for Unit 4 employees in contract... read more...

APC Continues to Push for Improvements to Unit 4 Contract

Bargaining Teams Meet In Long Beach and Sacramento


The last Unit 4 contract expired on...

CSU Breaks Promise to Negotiate Over New Anti-Discrimination Policies

APC Files PERB Charge Over Unreadable Policies


Last year, APC filed an Unfair Practice Charge with the California Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB”) over... read more...

APC and CSU Meet for the First Time to Negotiate the Next Contract

APC Proposals Focus on Job Security, Vacation Accrual, and Workload Overloads


On May 11 and 12, 2015, the APC and CSU bargaining teams met for the first time at the CSU Chancellor´s Office in Long Beach to negotiate the successor of our current contract, which expires on June... read more...

APC and CSU Exchange "Sunshine Proposals"

Contract Bargaining to Commence in Early May


APC and CSU have exchanged their so-called "sunshine proposals" and are set to commence bargaining for a successor to our collective bargaining agreement... read more...

APC Settles Unfair Practice Charge, Grievance Challenging IRP Policies at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Dominguez Hills

New Contract Language Makes It Easier to File IRP Requests


APC recently won two victories involving In-Range Progression (IRP) policies at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Dominguez Hills.  At the same time, new contract language now... read more...