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If You Received FlexCash and Overtime Pay During the Last Three Years, You May Be Entitled to a Little Bit More!


Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), any hours worked by a non-exempt employee in excess of forty (40) hours during any workweek must be compensated... read more...

CSU Trustee Accuses Chancellor White of “Reverse-Robin-Hood Scheme”

Under-the-Radar Attempt to Give Campus Presidents Annual Salary Increases Averaging $43,000 Fails


At the most recent meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees on July 24, 2018, Chancellor Timothy P. White attempted but failed to push through annual salary increases for all twenty-three campus presidents that... read more...

"The Prohibition of Agency Fees Is Just the Latest in a Long Line of Politically Motivated Attacks on Labor Unions."

Message from APC President Patrick Choi on Janus v. AFSCME



The Enemy May Be Listening

The CSU Can and Will Access Your CSU E-Mail Account, So Don’t Use It for Any Grievance- or Discipline Related Communications


If you are using a CSU e-mail account (ending in “.edu”) for grievance- or discipline related communications, you do so at your own peril.  The CSU can and will... read more...

Unit 4 Classification Standards Now Freely Available Online Here

Key Documents When Seeking In-Range Progression or Reclassification


For many years, Unit 4 classification standards were freely available to everybody on the systemwide CSU website.  Now, the CSU hides them along with much other previously... read more...

CSU Board of Trustees Ratifies 2018-20 Collective Bargaining Agreement with APC

Retroactive General Salary Increase, Ratification Bonus Expected to Be Paid in April


On January 31, 2018, the CSU Board of Trustees ratified the new 2018-20 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with more...

APC Membership Ratifies New Contract with 92.4% "Yes"-Vote

Ratification by CSU Board of Trustees Expected on January 30, 2018


The APC Membership has overhwelmingly ratified our new contract with CSU.  Of the 1,301 APC members... read more...