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New In-Range Progression and Reclassification Training Materials Available

How to Increase Your Salary Without a General Salary Increase


In the absence of a general salary increase, an in-range progression or a reclassification are often the only ways for Unit 4 members to increase their salaries.  However, both are "non-grievable," i.e., if management denies either one of them, you generally cannot file a grievance or otherwise challenge the decision.  New training materials in our educational library explain that, nevertheless, management cannot--as it often does--impose new conditions on in-range progression requests, such as that only management--but not employees--can file such requests with Human Resources, or that twelve months have to elapse between requests.  These materials also explain that, while the denial of a reclassification is not grievable as such, the assignment of job duties belonging to a higher classification may nevertheless be grievable as a de-facto temporary assignment to the higher classification.  Unit 4 members should review these materials and contact their campus steward or APC´s labor relations staff if they believe that their "case" qualifies for one of the strategies discussed there.