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APC Files Unfair Practice Charge Over In-Range Progressions

Unilaterally Implementated Restrictions Are Challenged


For many Unit 4 employees, an in-range progression has been the only way to get a salary increase since 2007 (when the last meaningful general salary increase became effective).  

It is bad enough that the denial of an in-range progression is not grievable.  To add insult to injury, several campuses have unilaterally implemented additional restrictions on in-range progressions without giving APC notice and an opportunity to meet and confer.  These restrictions include a twelve-month waiting period between in-range progression requests and requiring Unit 4 employees to rely on their manager to submit the request to Human Resources (rather than allowing the employees to submit the request directly to HR).  

On March 20, 2014, APC filed an Unfair Practice Charge with the California Public Employment Relations Board that challenges the unilateral implementation of these restrictions.  You can read the Unfair Practice Charge here.  

If you believe that your campus should have been included in this unfair practice charge or know of other unilaterally implemented restrictions on in-range progressions, please contact a member of the APC labor relations staff.