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Will On-Line Education Be a Boon or a Bust for Unit 4 Employees?


It is difficult to ignore the fanfare with which CSU is touting its online education initiatives. But quality of education issues aside, will it be a boon or a bust for Unit 4 employees? CSU claims that Cal State Online will result in more work for Unit 4 employees. Its contract with, a/k/a Pearson, however, contracts out Unit 4 work such as “Enrollment Services,” “Student Support Services,” and “Marketing Services” to that private corporation. Similarly, CSU’s contract with Udacity, Inc. regarding the just-expanded online pilot project at San Jose State University has that private corporation “provid[e] additional support for students such as course mentors or online 24/7 support[,]” words that describe Unit 4 work. APC is concerned that eventually, “brick-and-mortar” classes might migrate online, and when that happens, your work might migrate to Pearson or Udacity along with these classes.

We are working on protecting your job by keeping Unit 4 work within Unit 4.  If you have any questions in this regard, please contact a member of APC’s Labor Relations Team.