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Time Keeping for Workload Grievances Made Easy

Free Online Programs Require Only a Click of the Button to Create the Evidence You Need to Win


Articel 28.27(a) of our Collective Bargaining Agreement provides in pertinent part:

"For full-time [exempt] employees . . . , the workweek shall be an average of forty (40) hours per week during any six (6) consecutive pay periods."

In order to win a workload grievance alleging a violation of this provision, you need evidence of just how many hours you actually worked over any six-month period.  The best such evidence comes in the form of time keeping records contemporaneously created and updated as you are working each day, rather than afterwards from memory.

Creating contemporaneous time keeping records is very easy and only a click of the button away with free online programs such as Toggl.  See  All you need to do is: 

1. download the program;

2. open the program;

3. hit the green arrow on the right whenever you start working;

4. hit the red square in the same spot whenever you stop working; and

5. repeat steps 3 and 4 throughout the day as you take breaks, return to work, and finally leave for home. 

It takes virtually no time to do so, but doing so might make the difference between winning or losing your workload grievance.