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All CSU Campuses to Become Smoke Free on September 1, 2017

Smoking to Be Prohibited on All CSU Properties


On April 7, 2017, Chancellor White issued Executive Order 1108 with the Title "Policy on Systemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment."  The Policy provides in pertinent part:

"Effective September 1,2017, all California State University campuses shall be 100% Smoke and Tobacco Free.  Smoking, the use or sale of tobacco products, and the use of designated smoking areas are prohibited on all California State University properties.  Members of the CSU community are expected to fully comply with the polocy."

The policy also states:

"Nothing in this executive order shall extend grounds for employee discipline and, to the extend that any of these provisions are in conflict with a Collective Bargaining Agreement, the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be controlling."

Translation: You can be disciplined for smoking on your campus only if there is a campus policy that says so.  As long as there is no such campus policy, you cannot be disciplined for smoking on campus.