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APC President to Board of Trustees: 1.34% Salary Increase "Little More than Down Payment on More Substantial Future Increases"


As you know by now, salary and benefits reopener negotiations between APC and CSU have resulted in a 1.34% salary increase for all Unit 4 employees and no changes to benefits.  (However, because some insurance companies independently raised their health insurance premiums, some Unit 4 employees will see an increase in the amount of their premium contribution starting on January 1, 2014.)

In an address to the CSU Board of Trustees on September 24, 2013, APC President Mary Kay Statham Doyle made it clear that we regard the 1.34% salary increase as “little more than a down payment on more substantial future increases.”  Ms. Statham-Doyle noted that the CSU is planning to include a 3% compensation increase pool in its 2014-15 Support Budget Request, as it has in previous years.  Ms. Statham-Doyle explained:  “We expect the CSU to lobby vigorously for the inclusion of this pool in the support budget.  We are willing to join the CSU in this lobbying effort by ‘putting our boots on the ground’ in Sacramento and elsewhere.”  

Ms. Statham-Doyle also demanded:  “We ask the CSU to lobby equally vigorously for the restoration of step increases for CSU employees, and we are again willing to join the CSU in this lobbying effort for a type of increase that is enjoyed by all other state employees.”  Ms. Statham Doyle added:  “We are looking forward to an official report about these lobbying efforts at a future meeting of the Board of Trustees.”

We will keep you posted about any developments on this front.