Past Bargaining News

APC and CSU Exchange "Sunshine Proposals"

Contract Bargaining to Commence in Early May


APC and CSU have exchanged their so-called "sunshine proposals" and are set to commence bargaining for a successor to our collective bargaining agreement, which expires on June 30, 2015, in early May.

Some of the highlights of APC´s sunshine proposals include:

  • "Prevent displacement of bargaining unit members when services are contracted out."
  • "Modify the disciplinary process to allow for a hearing before either an arbitrator or the SPB."  (Currently, an appeal to the State Personnel Board ("SPB") is the only option available to members facing discipline.
  • "Giv[e] priority to unit 4 employees when filling open bargaining unit positions."
  • "Prevent either student assistants or appropriate administrators from displacing unit 4 employees."
  • "Increase the rate at which unit 4 employees accrue vacation leave."
  • "Clarify what constitutes an excessive workload and the remedies for work overload situations."
  • "Establish minimum standards for workplace civility."

APC developed its sunshine proposals after careful consideration of the results of a bargaining survey filled out by our members. A summary of the bargaining survey results is available to stewards who log in at the top of this page.

Currently, salaries and benefits are locked in for 2015-16 and 2016-17, with a 2% general salary increase ("GSI") for Unit 4 members in each of these two years. However, in its sunshine proposals, the CSU has indicated that it is interested in entering into a collective bargaining agreement that also covers 2017-18. APC will enter into such a three-year agreement only if it provides for a meaningful, additional GSI in the third year.

We will keep you informed about the bargaining process on this website.  Please visit it frequently!