Past Bargaining News

CSU Rejects APC-Proposed Modest Salary Increases and Other Improvements for Unit 4 Employees

Bargaining Teams Meet Again in Long Beach But Make Little Headway


As we reported on July 10, 2015, APC has proposed the following improvements, among others, for Unit 4 employees in contract bargaining:

  • Increasing salaries across the board by 7% in 2017-18, which would only make up for approximately half of the loss in real salary suffered by Unit 4 employees since 2008-09 due to inflation and five years without any general salary increase
  • Reducing the time it takes Unit 4 members to reach the maximum vacation accrual rate to approximate the time it takes management employees to reach that rate.
  • Guaranteeing all qualified Unit 4 members who apply for other Unit 4 positions an on-campus interview
  • Curtailing the practice of using “temporary” appointments to bring in management’s favorite outside candidates for Unit 4 positions

On September 21-22, 2015, the APC and CSU bargaining teams met again in Long Beach.  The CSU took this opportunity to formally reject the first three of these APC proposals.  The CSU prefers to have the next contract end after 2016-17 rather than to begin restoring the real salaries of Unit 4 members.

Limited progress was made only on the fourth of these APC proposals and a few others that do not come with a price tag for the CSU.

The parties will resume bargaining on October 12-13, 2015 in Long Beach.  We will keep you posted.