Past Bargaining News

Contract Ratification Vote Begins January 25, Ends February 16!

APC Members to Cast Their Ballot on New Two-Year Agreement


During the week of January 25, 2016, a contract ratification ballot will be sent to all registered APC members, together with a summary of the new two-year agreement.

Ratification ballots must be received by the APC Statewide Office in Sacramento by 5:00pm, Tuesday, February 16, 2016.  Your local campus stewards will not have ballot materials.

You must be a registered APC member to participate in the ratification vote. To become a member and vote, please fill out a membership application and send it to the APC Statewide Office as soon as possible.

If you already are a registered APC member but recently moved or need to update your contact information for other reasons, please do so at the APC Help Desk as soon as possible.

If, after January 25, 2016, you believe you should have received a ballot, please contact the APC Help Desk at as soon as possible.