Past Bargaining News

Factfinder to CSU: Give Your Employees a 5% General Salary Increase!

"A Substantial GSI . . . Is in the Interest of Students . . . ."


Just a few weeks before a five-day systemwide faculty strike is scheduled to begin, a neutral Factfinding Report has been published that supports CFA´s demand of a 5% General Salary Increase ("GSI").  In the Report, Impartial Chair Bonnie Prouty Castrey concludes among other things:

"A substantial GSI . . . is in the interest of students, who need caring faculty and certainly in the public interest as our country needs a well educated population."

Chair Castrey recommends:

"Increase the faculty compensation with a GSI of 5%, spread over the year [2015-16] to minimize the impact in year two [2016-17], which would obviously be the full 5% going forward."

The CSU Panel Member, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Brad Wells, dissented from the Report, and all indicators are that the CSU is not budging from its measly and miserly offer of just 2%.  By contrast, the CFA Panel Member, CFA Bargaining Committee Chair Kevin Wehr, concurred in the Report.

Through a "me too" clause in our contract, Unit 4 members would receive a 3% GSI if the recommendaiton of the neutral Factfinding Report is implemented.  Stand with your brothers and sisters in Unit 3 and fight for fair salaries for all CSU employees!