Past Bargaining News

APC Presents "Sunshine Proposals" for Full Contract Bargaining

Classification Issues, General Salary Increases, and Vacation Accrual Are Among Items on the Table


On February 19, 2017, APC Labor Relations Manager Lee Norris presented the CSU with APC’s “sunshine proposals,” the initial step in bargaining for a successor to our current collective bargaining agreement, which will expire on June 30, 2017.  Among these initial proposals are demands to

  • “provide a meaningful mechanism to address classification issues,” 
  • “provide for general salary increases in each year of the contract,” and 
  • “increase vacation accrual rates.”  


APC may later modify or add to these and the other sunshine proposals, which in keeping with our past practice are phrased in general terms to allow for maximum flexibility during bargaining.  As specific proposals that provide more details are shared across the table, we will report about them to you.  We are now awaiting CSU’s sunshine proposals.