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Progress Is Slow, But APC Team Is United Against Moving Backwards



The CSU and APC Bargaining Teams met on June 1-2, 2017.  Although that would seem to indicate that negotiations were on track to make some progress toward a contract, the reality was that the CSU was at the table less than four hours of those two days.  Most importantly the CSU was not ready to propose Article 23, (Salary) contract language and since both teams are not scheduled to meet again till July 10-11, 2017,  APC will not have any salary information available until the middle of July if not later.  The CSU did present a proposal on Article 24, (Benefits) with no substantial changes to the article in their proposal.  However, the CSU negotiator signaled that the CSU was interested in increasing the time Unit 4 members needed to be employed before being vested in pension and benefits and stated they intended to present that language as a side letter to the contract.

The CSU presented proposals related to Article 20, (Leaves of Absence with Pay) and Article 22, (Leaves of Absence without Pay) both of which contained language which would limit Unit 4 members´ ability to use previously negotiated leave. The CSU also brought back counter proposals for Articles 13, (Appointment) and Article 14, (Probation and Permanency).  

APC presented a proposal to Article 26, (Vacation) seeking to increase the formula for Unit 4 vacation accrual and Article 32, (Work Environment) limiting the campuses’ ability to raise parking rates more than $1.00 per month per fiscal year and only in fiscal years where there is at least a 3% GSI for Unit 4 members. Neither proposal was met with any enthusiasm by the CSU.

During the brief time the two teams met there was substantial discussion concerning the articles on the table, specifically counter proposals to Article 13 and Article 14 and Article 10 (Grievance Procedure).  The APC team is united in the opinion that moving backwards and limiting Unit 4 members´ previously negotiated rights is not in the best interests of our members.  It is the hope of the APC team that we will be able to push to pick up the pace of bargaining over the summer.

In Union,

APC Bargaining Team