Past Bargaining News

CSU Proposes Paltry General Salary Increases for Unit 4

A Message from the APC Bargaining Team


Dear Unit 4 Colleagues,

The APC and CSU Bargaining teams met on Monday, July 10 at which time the CSU Team presented the long awaited Article 23- Salary and Article 32 - Parking proposals as part of a package deal.  Although there was some movement on non-salary articles, to say that the members of the APC team were disappointed would be an understatement.  The CSU proposal is a 1.5% general salary increase (GSI) for 2017/2018, a 2% general salary increase for 2018/2019 and a 2% general salary increase for 2019/2020.  When asked why APC was being offered considerably less than the 3.5% that the faculty received effective July 1, 2017, the CSU chief negotiator responded that the CSU did not believe it was necessary to give all unions the same salary increase.  That statement is open to interpretation, but the APC Bargaining team believes the obvious implication is that the Board of Trustees and the CSU management value the service of hard working Unit 4 members less than the equally hard working service of CSU faculty members.  The CSU chief negotiator stated further,  "the fiscal reality of the institution is that what we can offer is 1.5%". The APC chief negotiator questioned the CSU why the additional funds allotted by the California State Legislature were not being used to offer Unit 4 members a reasonable general salary increase.  The response was that the additional funds were earmarked to support an increase in enrollment, with no acknowledgement that any increase in enrollment would naturally also increase the workload of Unit 4 members.

To add to the insult to Unit 4 members, the CSU proposed to raise the allowable increases to parking fees from the current $1.00 per month each fiscal year to $3.00 per month each fiscal year over the next three years.  In real dollars, with the increase in parking and the expected increases in employee contributions to health care, a 1.5% increase in salary will result in many Unit 4 members bringing home less in their paychecks come January 2018 than they are bringing home today!  The CSU chief negotiator stated that parking increases were necessary for the operational needs of some of the campuses and were considered firm and non-negotiable.

The CSU did not indicate any of these proposals were the last and final offer but it is time for Unit 4 members to begin to prepare for a difficult battle with the CSU.  After years of no significant increases to our salary and escalating increases to employee contributions for health care are we willing to accept a 1.5% increase in salary?  Are we willing to accept increases in parking rates which further reduce our monthly take home pay?  Are we willing to support actions which signal to the CSU management and the Board of Trustees that Unit 4 members expect reasonable compensation for our hard work?

If you are not yet a member of APC contact your campus steward or the APC statewide office for an application form.  Our greatest strength is in our numbers.  Make an effort to attend your campus union meetings to hear and discuss how your fellow campus colleagues intend to fight for reasonable treatment and a meaningful salary increase   Work together as a campus to develop strategies to make our voices heard both at the campus and the statewide level.  The CSU cannot increase enrollment without us! The CSU cannot retain and graduate students without us!  We are an integral part of the team and demand to be treated equally and fairly.

In Union,

APC Bargaining Team.