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Unit 4 Employees Deserve Real Salary Increases that Beat Inflation

A Message from the APC Bargaining Team


Unit 4 Colleagues,

The APC and CSU Bargaining teams met in Long Beach on Monday, July 24th.  At that meeting APC presented a package proposal to the CSU that included several articles of interest to Unit 4 members most notably Article 23 - Salary and  Article 32 - Work Environment (Parking).  The APC Bargaining team proposed in Article 23 three five percent (5%) general salary increases (GSIs) effective July 2017, July 2018, and July 2019 respectively.  The APC chief negotiator stated that once yearly cost of living increases are taken into consideration, these GSIs would make only a small dent in the lost wages suffered by all Unit 4 members during the years of no general salary increases.  APC proposed that Salary Step Increase (SSI) language be returned to Article 23 and that SSI´s be paid out to Unit 4 members in any year in which funds were made available per agreement by the parties. The proposal also included a small change in how eligibility for the Budget Shortfall Mitigation Bonus (BSM) was determined to ensure the maximum amount of new hires received the yearly bonus.  And lastly, the Article 23 proposal provided that the remaining funds in the Merit Bonus Pool be permanently combined with the BSM pool and be awarded to all Unit 4 members in each year.

In Article 32, the APC Bargaining team proposed that campuses may not increase parking fees more than once per fiscal year nor may campuses increase parking fees by a percentage that is greater than the percentage of GSI for that fiscal year.  The CSU negotiator immediately responded that the CSU had tried a similar approach with another CSU union and that was unworkable.  Given that we know other Bargaining Units do have a formula that is presently being used by some campuses, this was not a factual statement.

In order to bargain a reasonable salary increase APC agreed to withdraw proposals important to our members and accept CSU proposals important to CSU management.   However, the entire APC package proposal was rejected by the CSU team.  The primary reason stated was that APC´s salary proposal was unrealistic given the 2017/2018 fiscal reality, their argument being that the CSU did not receive the full appropriation requested from the state and thus less money was available for compensation.  The APC team pointed out to the CSU chief negotiator that limiting the amount in the budget available for employee compensation was a direct result of CSU priorities not a fiscal impossibility.  An impassioned discussion led by the APC negotiator was met with resistance based on the myth of "no money".  After a lengthy caucus, the CSU team returned to the table and offered a two percent (2%) increase in GSI effective July 2017, July 2018, and July 2019, respectively, in addition to all the elements of their previous July 10, 2017 package proposal.  In other words, the CSU package proposal consists of a .5% GSI increase from their previous offer for the 2017 fiscal year only, a $3.00 per month per year parking increase, along with previously proposed take backs of current employee and union rights in Article 10 - Grievance Procedure, Article 19 - Sick Leave, Article 20 - Leaves of Absence with Pay and rejection of APC proposals in Article 12 - Corrective and Disciplinary Action, Article 13 - Appointment, and Article 16 - Professional Development.  And lastly, the CSU proposal includes an agreement that bargaining unit employees hired after July 1, 2018 must have at least ten (10) years of service to receive health benefits in retirement vs. the current required five (5) years of service.

After some discussion the teams adjourned.  Although APC appreciates the small movement on the CSU side, a .5% increase for one year from their previous offer in no way offsets the APC proposals we were willing to give up to reach a reasonable salary.  The teams are scheduled to meet the last week in August but now we need to hear from our Unit 4 colleagues.  The members of the Bargaining team are working with your campus stewards to set up information/discussion meetings during the months of August, September and October on your campuses.  The members of the APC Bargaining team volunteered to negotiate a contract on behalf of Unit 4 members but the power to decide the language in our final contract lies in the hands of the APC members. We need to decide as a group what actions will be effective on your campus to let CSU Management, Campus Presidents and Board of Trustee members know Unit 4 is a vital part of the CSU Team and we deserve reasonable compensation for our work. We look forward to working with our Unit 4 colleagues to achieve that goal.  Remember, you must be a member of APC to vote on the final contract. Please contact your campus steward or the APC statewide office or visit the APC website under Join Us for an APC membership application.

"Student Success Depends on Us"

In Union,

Your APC Bargaining Team

Dora Apodaca - Chief Steward - CSU Long Beach

Dagoberto Argueta - APC Vice President - CSU San Francisco

Mario Baeza - Council Member at Large - CSU San Bernardino

Cynthia Brown - Chief Steward - CSU Pomona

Edie Brown - Chief Steward - CSU Sonoma

Patrick Choi - APC President - CSU Bakersfield

Rose Duran - APC Secretary - CSU San Luis Obispo

Christine McCarthy - APC Bargaining Chair - CSU Fullerton

Lee Norris - APC Labor Relations Manager

Bernhard Rohrbacher - APC Senior Labor Relations Representative

Sam Tran - Chief Steward - CSU East Bay