Past Bargaining News

APC Demands 3.5% GSI and No Parking Rate Increases in Each of Three Contract Years

CSU Recently Agreed to Similar Terms with CFA


The APC and CSU Bargaining Teams met Monday, October 9, 2017.  Based on input from you the members through the feedback surveys and conversations at the campus information meetings to date, the APC Bargaining Team presented a package proposal to the CSU.  APC proposed a General Salary Increase (GSI) of 3.5% in 2017 -2018, a 3.5% GSI in 2018-2019, and a 3.5% GSI in 2019-2020, as well as no increase for Unit 4 in parking fees over the next three years. 

The APC Bargaining team believes this is a fair and equitable offer relative to terms already agreed to by CFA and salary increases already implemented for CSU management and executives. The next bargaining session is scheduled for Monday, October 23rd. 

Now is the time to be visible on campus in our demand for fair and equitable compensation.  Wear your APC T-shirts, post your signs showing support of APC and the Bargaining Team, organize noon time rallies, and form a campus committee to strategize how we can bring our message to the campus community, the CSU Chancellor, the Board of Trustees, and the University Presidents. 

If you are not already an APC member please join.  For an application, contact your campus steward, the APC Statewide Office or download at:

Our strength at the Bargaining Table is in our numbers! Student success depends on us!

In Union,

APC Bargaining Team

Christine McCarthy - Bargaining Chair, CSU Fullerton

Dora Apodaca - Chief Steward, CSU Long Beach

Dagoberto Argueta - APC Vice President, CSU San Francisco

Mario Baeza - APC Council Member at Large, CSU San Bernardino

Cynthia Brown - Chief Steward, CSU Polytechnic Pomona

Edie Brown - Chief Steward, CSU Sonoma

Patrick Choi - APC President, CSU Bakersfield

Rose Duran - APC Secretary, CSU Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

Lee Norris - APC Chief Negotiator

Bernhard Rohrbacher - APC Senior Labor Relations Representative

Sam Tran – Chief Steward, CSU East Bay