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2014 NEWS

PERB Rules CSU Violated Duty to Bargain with APC About "Mandated Reporter" Training, Discipline

Board Rejects CSU´s "Business Necessity" and Other Excuses


In a decision that became final on September 24, 2014, the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) left intact the designation of all... read more...

PERB Issues Another Complaint Against CSU, This Time Concerning In-Range Progressions

At Issue is Unilateral Implementation of Requirements that Unit 4 employees Go Through Supervisor and Wait 12 Months Between Requests


Barely six months after the California Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB”) issued a complaintread more...

APC Files Unfair Practice Charge Over In-Range Progressions

Unilaterally Implementated Restrictions Are Challenged


For many Unit 4 employees, an in-range progression has been the only way to get a salary increase since 2007 (when the last meaningful general salary increase became effective). read more...

PERB Issues Complaint Against CSU on "Mandated Reporter" Designation

APC´s Unfair Practice Charge to Go to Hearing before Administrative Law Judge


We previously reported that CSU broke its promise to address APC´s concerns over the blanket designation of all Unit 4 employees as "mandated reporters" who must report... read more...